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The "ADAS" calibration tool to ensure a safe travel

Poorly calibrated ADAS sensors = Potential danger

ITAL EXPRESS now offers a calibrating measuring tool (ment) for ADAS sensors.This device will allow you to recalibrate all current sensors:
Adaptive cruise control(ACC), physical object detectors, the lane assist system and emergency braking assistant.
Controlling the ADAS sensors is essential even after a mild impact or collision, upon any change or alteration of the chassis height,
during a windscreen or bodypart removal, in fact as soon as any default is displayed.
Our calibration device is composed of a mobile unit, a "laser centering" strap and of some calibration indicator 
panels well suited for many vehicule brands, such as Volvo,Renault trucks...

Therefore in order to drive safely, please do not hesitate to contact us.